I use only top quality, professional products which have been approved for the manner in which they are used. I do not use products that contain MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer).


 MMA is a hazardous and unhealthful chemical present in some acrylic liquids that has been declared a "poisonous and deleterious substance" by the FDA and is considered unfit for use in fingernail products.  It is still used in the dental industry and you may hear it referred to as "dental acrylic" or"dental porcelain."


The health of your nails is as important to me as is their beauty. I pride myself on my dedication to providing clients with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will not be exposed to infectious diseases, bacteria, fungi, or other contagions that can easily be avoided by simply following the State Board regulations for salon safety and sanitation.

That's why I ask each client to cleanse their hands with an antibacterial cleanser, while I do the same, before beginning any service and make sure that all implements are disinfected after each use using a state approved, hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectant. After disinfection, all implements are stored in a sealed, dust-free container to prevent contamination.


It’s A Secret Salon is a "GROWN UP ZONE!"

Please arrange for a sitter during your appointment.

The salon is not an appropriate place for young children. Everything in a nail salon is either hot, sharp, or poisonous and young minds are distracted too easily while your hands are required to be on the table during your service.

For Insurance Purposes, if you arrive with children in tow, expect to have your appointment rescheduled and you will be charged for a Late Cancellation.



It’s A Secret Salon is an Appointment Only Salon. We cannot accommodate Walk-ins.

Availability for weekday appointments after 5 p.m. and Saturday is extremely limited and may require being added to my waiting list.


Because I see clients by appointment only, time is of the essence. There is a Late Arrival Fee of $1.00/per min. for clients seated after 10 min. and SERVICES MAY BE MODIFIED in order to remain on schedule. In addition, if I am over 10 min. late seating you, I will subtract $1.00/per min. from your bill. LATE ARRIVALS MORE THAN 20 min., WILL BE CANCELED AND CHARGED THE FULL AMOUNT OF THE SERVICES SCHEDULED. (late Arrival Fees are exempt from Rewards Discounts)


If you are unable to honor your reservation for any reason,

Please call the Salon (310)465-8039. If I am not available, you may leave a message that will be time and date stamped.


It’s A Secret Salon reserves the right to charge for missed appointments and appointments canceled with less than 24 hour notice.

Late Arrivals (more than 20 min. late), Late Cancellations (less than 24 hours) and No Shows will be charged the Full Amount of the Service Scheduled.

Late arrivals, within 10 min. of appointment time, are subject to modification of service in order to remain on schedule.







Appointments Canceled with less than a

24hr notice, or No Shows, will be

charged the full fee of the service(s) scheduled.

Prompt Payment is due the same day as

the scheduled service(s). Payments can

be made via Phone, PayPal, SquareCash

or in person.


Payments not received on the day of the

canceled appt will require Prepayment of

ALL future appts. (This applies to VIP

Rewards Club & Reg. Clients).


Margaret accepts Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.

Checks are accepted on the 3rd visit.  For Returned Checks the policy is as follows:

Redeposit Fee: $10.00  Returned Check Fee: $25.00

All Future appointments are CASH ONLY.

UNPAID Returned Checks will be sent to the Dist. Attorney.

My livelihood depends on reliable clients.

Your courtesy is appreciated.



Your appointment is your responsibility! If you would like a reminder, please provide an email address.


I only see your nails for a few hours a month, the rest of the time they are your responsibility. Since I can't be there at all times to keep an eye on how you are treating your hands, I cannot be responsible for damage to your nails once you leave the salon.